Completed Scans: Dumbo Feather, Pass It On & Other Misc Publications

Whilst I love computer magazines, that isn’t all I scan! I’ll pretty much scan anything as if one person thinks it’s worth reading, it’s worth preserving!

I honestly don’t know why I have so many copies of Dumbo Feather Pass It On. I haven’t even read them! I have no idea where they came from but there was 27 issues of them in my bookcase dating back to 2004.

Dumbo Feather is a actually more of a “mook” (a magazine book) than a magazine, released quarterly, big thick pages, high quality paper stock. Whilst scanning I had a squiz at the content and yeah, I do not know why I have these magazines as the topics (mini-biographies of what appears to be mostly hipsters) are not what I’d normally read.

Regardless of how they ended up in my possession, they’re all on the Internet Archive now!

Random IKEA catalogs that were destined for the bin ended up in my scanner instead. I quite enjoyed looking at covers of IKEA catalogs from the 70s and 80s, so maybe in 30 years time someone will like looking back on these full catalogs too.

I have two copies of the promotional booklet given to attendees of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight 70mm premiere presentation in Australia. One of them was sliced up and scanned in.

Issues 1 and 2 of King Brown, some street culture mag out of Perth and issue 16 of Offscreen that I think were being given away at some event I attended. Offscreen is a cool magazine if you’re into the humanities side of technology.

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