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Thought I’d give anyone following this blog some closure on a few older posts. You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging would ya?

Computer Crap

Tape drives can go to hell

After exploring the options available for an offsite backup of my growing collection of scans (I have some good shit lined up once this goddamn coronavirus fucks off), I indulged myself and got a tape drive and some tapes off eBay. This post will explain to you all the ways in which they suck and confirms why everyone I mentioned my tape drive to was correct in telling me I was wasting my time with it.


The fun and exciting world of offsite data backups

Scanning all these magazines means I also have to back them up. If the whole point is to preserve them, it’s kinda dumb just to palm the files off to the Internet Archive, delete my copies and hope for the best.

Whilst the Internet Archive is great and all, there’s a non-zero chance that one day they’ll have funding cut or donations dry up and they’ll need to rationalise their storage. That could mean nothing but PDFs stick around, certain types of content disappear or some other situation where the high quality, large file size originals are lost.

What am I gonna do with this data???

I thought I’d take a good look at my off-site backup options based around storing 5TB for 10 years. I don’t know exactly how much data I’ll be hoarding over that time-span, but 5TB for a decade feels like a good starting point for comparison purposes.