Computer Crap

A fast computer is a good computer

I’m an impatient man. If what I click doesn’t happen instantly or there’s any kind of lag or slowness, I’m immediately looking for ways to fix it. Slow computers suck.

My little Dell Optiplex SFF PC with an i5-6500 CPU is struggling with the extra work I’ve thrown at it lately. It already has 32GB of RAM and a speedy Samsung 970 Pro SSD, so the weak link is the CPU with processes fighting for time when I’m trying to ingest scans from 6 scanners at once (some running in virtual machines), whilst also processing batch operations in Photoshop to clean up images.

I hate seeing red and orange.

This slowness set me on the path of looking for an upgrade. A PC that can handle running two VMs (for my old scanners that don’t have Win 10 drivers but otherwise still work excellently), Photoshop and suck in images off 6 scanner at once. I’d like to assign 4 or more cores to Windows 10 and at least 2 cores to both Windows 7 VMs. But I’m also a cheapskate and have sunk more cash into this hobby than I really should have – so what’s out there that’ll be a cost effective upgrade?