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How to do an unattended install of Windows 10 via PXE with UEFI SecureBoot enabled

A few months ago, a subscriber to The Sizzle that runs a computer shop in Papua New Guinea selling refurbished laptops to local businesses, asked me for help sourcing laptops because their usual supply chain dried up due to COVID-19. I love bargain hunting so said I can grab some laptops locally off Gumtree and Facebook and send them to PNG. I’ll clean them up, install Windows 10 Pro and add a few bucks margin on each one. The first shipment sold quickly so my new PNG based friend asked for more.

When it came time to install Windows 10 on this latest batch, I thought it would be a good opportunity to move on from using USB flash drives containing Windows 10 made with the Media Creation Tool like a bloody caveman and get all fancy and shit with a PXE server that kicks off a complete unattended install. It’s what the cool kids do and I want to be cool. Here’s what I want to achieve:

  • Install Windows 10 Professional
  • UEFI & SecureBoot enabled
  • Unattended install
  • Keep the Out Of Box Experience