Computer Crap Scanning

The HP DL560 G8 server is a bargain priced beast

It’s great having loads of scanners to turn paper and ink into 1s and 0s, but you gotta process what is digitised before it can go up on the Internet Archive. Turning those massive 600dpi TIFFs into 300dpi JPEGs that go into a PDF for screen viewing, then compressing the original TIFFs as much as possible for long term archival requires a fair amount of CPU grunt.

My little HP ML10v2 with an i7-4770 couldn’t handle all the scanned images I was throwing at it. I’d spend a day scanning, end up with around 200GB of TIFFs and the poor thing would choke and become unresponsive unless I let it process the data in chunks instead of all at once. Sure, I could script it or manually process the chunks then let it go for a few days doing its thing, but the same machine was also my Plex box and file server so I had a great excuse to buy a new computer (I love buying computers) with the best bang for buck CPU performance I could find!